Pigment Dispersions (Chip)

High Performance Pigments, Classics, TiO2 and Carbon Black pre-dispersed in selected resins.
High dispersibility, high color strength, gloss and transparency.

The chip are pigments dispersed in resins at very high concentrations and sold in flake form.
This means that they offer great formulation flexibility.

They are ready for use and do not require grinding: they can simply be added to the stirred liquid mix to be coloured, they quickly dissolve and the pigment is dispersed throughout the mass to give a uniformly coloured product.

Sector of use:

  • Paints and varnishes;
  • Printing Inks;
  • Plastics colouring;
  • Textile industry;
  • Finishing and colouring Leather and imitation Leather;
  • Finishing and colouring Wood.