It is generally a wide group of different and complex polymers. It’s usually a viscous or dry material, able to harden when it’s cold, warm or with the addition of adhesion promoters or catalysts.


They are vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers. There are different kinds of these copolymers, they distinguish between each other by their molecular weight and chemical composition. By the way, we remind you that to a bigger molecular weight corresponds a bigger softening point, a bigger mechanic and chemical resistance and a smaller solubility.


Polyurethanes are a big family of synthetic products intended for paint, plastic material and ink industries.


Series of thermoplastic resins obtained from the polymerization of raw material of aliphatic derivatives of unsaturated petroleum. With a variety of physical and chemical properties (like softening point, glass transition temperature and molecular weight distribution) they are compatible with various polymers and elastomers. Due to their excellent affinity with a wide variety of fillers, an amazing balancing of adhesiveness and cohesive properties, they are mainly used for the rubber industry, hot melt and adhesives, offset inks, bitumen and road marking.